Day 1 of my new life

On a random Tuesday in October, I woke up like I normally did and drank my morning tea. I ate breakfast, showered, and prepared myself to leave for school. I drove 40 minutes, parked, and walked to class. About 30 minutes into the lecture, something told me to check my phone. I had an email and a text from my caseworker asking if I was interested in a baby girl who needed a home today. I was internally panicking and had no idea what to do. I asked her to call my husband and tell him the details. I wanted to run out of class, but I was frozen. A few minutes later, my husband called me. I ran out of the room and listened to him tell me about this perfect little baby girl. He was supposed to leave for a work trip the next day so he scurried to cancel everything.

To be honest, I have no idea how I drove myself home. I was about to become a mama and it was the only thing I could think of.

My husband and I rushed to Walmart and picked up everything we thought we would need for a newborn girl: diapers, rocker, onesies, and everything of importance. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We were so scared and anxious! We hoped we had purchased everything we needed for a child. Hindsight, nope! We ended up making 4-5 trips over the next few days.

At 5:30pm, our baby girl was at our doorstep. My world didn’t start until that moment. Being a mother to my sweet baby girl is the most incredible thing I have ever done.


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