If I called you one day about a baby, would you say no?

I remember the exact moment I was hit with baby fever. My caseworker, my husband, and I were sitting at my dining room table talking about what we were opened to. We’ve never really been the baby type, so we told her absolutely no diapers or bottles! We were wanting a sibling group of a brother and a sister between the ages of 3 and 7, preferably. We had already decorated their rooms and bought age appropriate items in anticipation of their arrivals. We’ve always heard that it was harder for siblings to be placed together, and since we were opened for that, we felt it was exactly what God wanted us to do.

Our caseworker smiled and asked, “If I called you one day about a baby, would you say no?”

I can’t help but to think back on this moment and smile. Something clicked when she asked that simple question. Suddenly, we became completely opened to the idea of a baby. We spent the next few months finishing everything we needed to become licensed, and now the crisp yellow document that is taped to our fridge reads, “This home is verified to provide child care services for a total of 3 child(ren). The home’s foster care capacity is 3, ages 0 to 7, male/female. This home is approved to adopt up to 3 child(ren), ages 0 to 7, male/female.”

It is incredible how God knows exactly how my life should unfold. My caseworker asked one simple question that rerouted the way I thought. She eventually did call one day about a baby, and we did not say no; I am a mama now to a newborn baby girl (full post about how this happened coming soon). We were also chosen to be the parents to a 6-month old baby boy. The judge will decide next week if he can come home with us.


One thought on “If I called you one day about a baby, would you say no?

  1. Hi fellow blogger! I found this post very interesting! I saw that the family was very determined to raise successful foster kids. I especially appreciated the when you talked about how you are “now a mama to a newborn baby girl.” This showed how personal this was to you and how a mothers’ love could be shown to anyone despite your blood relation.


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