A really easy outline…

To make it extremely clear on how long it took us to become licensed, I want to show all of our steps in an outline.

February 2016- Attended information meeting

March 2016- Started our training classes

April 2016- Finished our training classes

May 2016- Started renovating our home to make it “perfect” for our new family

June 2016- Chimney swept (this is a rule)

June 2016- Fire marshal inspected our home

June 2016- Health Inspector inspected our home

June 2016- Had our first home inspection with a caseworker

June 2016- Realized our caseworker was not doing her job correctly and we were being scammed, essentially

June 2016- Got an AWESOME new case worker

June 2016- Had to redo our entire file

July 2016- Another home inspection by our new case worker

August 2016- We had our home study (basically, hour long interview about our life with every personal question in the world asked)

The very end of August, 2016- LICENSED! WOOHOO!

We immediately started receiving broadcasts of children who needed a forever home. We would ask our caseworker to send our file in for any of the children we were interested in.

The beginning of October, 2016- Got a phone call about a baby boy (more to come on that)

Middle of October, 2016- Got a phone call about a baby girl and three hours later, we were parents!

I could write a book with information about everything that we have done. If you are just looking for a quick view of how long it takes from start to placement, this outline will do it. The next steps are semi-unknown to us. We have an idea of what will happen, but we won’t know for sure until it is all over. There never is an end to this journey, but adoption day is the finishing line.

(Dates were left as the general month to protect our identity)


One thought on “A really easy outline…

  1. This is just a helpful outline for people who do not understand how long the adoption process is. Adoption is such a special thing and reading your own personal story and battles that you have overcome is truly inspirational. Your blog makes me want to read more and i can’t wait to read your future blog posts!!


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