When you just wanna nest…

I want to take a breather from the intensity of becoming a foster/adoptive parent and write about something fun, decorating the kids’ rooms! We originally wanted to be licensed for up to two children, ages 3-7. Babies had never really been my thing, but that eventually changed (blog post for a later day). So, we changed our two extra bedrooms into rooms for the kiddos. We had absolutely no idea who these rooms were for, but we took a chance on decorating them anyway. Frankly, I wanted to nest. I spent many hours on Pinterest gathering as many ideas as possible.

For the little girl’s room, we imagined what my young niece would like. I found a twin bed off of a used furniture app for only $20! We sanded it down, threw on some chalk paint, and bought a new mattress set. Then, our neighbors had a garage sale and they were selling a nightstand and a dresser with a mirror. We snatched that up and painted it the same color.

Can you believe this bed was only $20!?
A bed perfect for a little princess
Almost all the decor is from hobby lobby.
I can’t wait for her to unpack all of her clothes into her dresser
I found the desk for $10 at a resale shop in Georgetown. I painted it white and replaced the knob.
I foresee her spending a lot of time coloring at her desk
This stuff is AWESOME!
Here is the chalk paint I used. Click the picture to take you to where you can purchase it.

I added a canopy, put butterflies all of the walls, and added little odds and ends to make the room feel complete. I loved it! I hope she will love it! We jumped the gun with this and we might have to change it to suit her needs and likes, which we are totally willing to do.

For the boy’s room, I was at a total loss. I tried to remember my brother’s room from when we were kids, and I remembered he had a bunk bed and one of those map rugs that he used to roll his hot wheels on. We bought some gray bunkbeds and some blue flannel bedding, added a bookshelf full of books from my mother-in-law, and laid down a soft rug from Target.

This room, however, is a little different for us. We originally expected to be licensed for a 3-7 year old, but that has changed. In fact, this room has changed since I’ve originally decorated it. Currently, we have a crib in there. I can not say too much about that yet, but just wait! I am holding on to a big secret!

Well, anyways, we originally wanted a little man cave, but we have since changed the theme to rustic woodlands. Shaun loves the outdoors, so I left him to decorate this room (with the help of my creative touch, of course). I am holding off on the reveal, but just imagine fish, moose, deer, and all that boy stuff everywhere.

Both of these rooms may very well change, and we are okay with that. It had been a lot of fun preparing for our little angels, though.


5 thoughts on “When you just wanna nest…

  1. This is so cute! You did so great with the little girls room, it is absolutely adorable! And the boys room sounds perfect as well! It is so cool that you are a foster parent, I really respect that. I imagine that if I ever decide I want kids in the future I will most definitely adopt!


  2. This room is so cute. I admire what you are doing. I being a social work major love that you are a foster/adoptive mother. It is so rewarding and amazing thing to do. I would love to see the little boys room when the time is right, sounds so cute. When I am old enough and settled I would love to foster. You seem very creative and I love it. I love to get on pinterest and get ideas, but never follow through.


  3. Wow! You must be very creative to make a room as cute as this one! I love the furniture and I think she will be able to use it as she grows! I would definitely put that dresser in my room now. Adoption and foster care are both such beautiful things to do in life, and I look up to you for that. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and I can’t wait to read about the rest of your journey!


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