Meeting her

Before you read this entry, please make sure to read the prequel by clicking here.

After what felt like an eternity of silence, she finally responded.

“What?” she said with the most confused toned. I thought that maybe I had the wrong woman. I just knew she was about to tell me that I was mistaken.

I  asked her if she had a baby on June 4th, 19**, to which she replied with a sharp yes. Oh sweet relief! It was her! My mother was right next to me and she just looked at each other and smiled; this was the woman we had been looking for and our search was finally over. I didn’t know what to say next so I didn’t say anything at all; I think Cindy* felt the same way. After a little bit of the shock wore off, Cindy* finally showed her excitement. She said she had been searching for my mom, but could never find her. I handed the phone to my mother and they had their first conversation.

My mother was finally able to connect the dots about where she came from. She learned about her biological father and his other children. She learned about Cindy’s* children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and every family member you could think of. It was incredible to watch and ever more incredible to see my mother so happy.

After a few months of chatting, my mother’s biological family said they wanted to visit. My mom was graduating from college in August and they wanted to be there. My new found sister on her my mom’s biological father’s side, her nephew (he surprised her a few days after everyone else arrived), her sister on her biological birth mother’s side, and two nieces all made the journal from California to meet her for the first time and to watch her cross the stage to get her diploma.

They flew into the Austin airport, and of course we filmed it! To watch the short, emotional video, click here.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever been able to witness. I was watching my mother’s dreams come true, and I was finally meeting the woman who put adoption in my heart many years ago.

*Names have been changed for privacy


2 thoughts on “Meeting her

  1. I had to read the follow up after reading the previous post. What a great story! I could only imagine how shocked and overwhelmed your mother was. Nice to see that it all worked out at the end!!! Nice blog!


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